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Founder of BlissOm and Certified Life Coach

Lora Lisi Lora has been life coaching for the past eight years. She has held and hosted, three women’s events, Empowering Women and Stepping into Your Greatness, Your Best Year Ever with Lisa Garber and Living in Abundance with Crystal Andrus.

In 2012 Lora opened BlissOm Yoga and Wellness Centre. It was a vision of hers to create a space where people could come and feel a calmness and a sense of peace as they walk through the doors.

Lora host retreats all over the world including India, Costa Rica, Bali and now Italy.

Lora is a certified yoga and meditation teacher as well as an Angel Practitioner. She is also a certified Reiki Master. Lora continues to be a student of spirituality always looking to embark on new transformational studies. It is her intention to share her light with others on this planet of heaven on earth.

Lora is available for life coaching sessions to help you release confusion and uncertainty which can drain your energy and keep you from moving forward in your life. Lora will assist you in making aligned decisions and mapping out the next steps of your spiritual journey.

If you are looking for a more authentic relationship with inner yourself and others, this session is for you!



Certified Life Coach

Alison CurMy mission is to help you find personal empowerment so that you can realize your dreams and goals.

I promise to provide a welcoming space to explore and elevate your passions.

With a special focus for those who are contemplating making a shift within their personal lives, careers or exploring self-employment.

I am your partner on a path to fulfillment and balance. Helping you build and navigate the life you desire.

Alison is a 15-year successful business owner + entrepreneur, certified life coach, certified RYT 200 yoga teacher and holds a diploma in creative advertising.  She is happily married and lives in Caledon with her beautiful daughter and dog Eddie.



Certified Life Coach

Georgina WindoverI’m Georgina Windover, and I am excited to announce that I am now a Certified Life Coach and am ready to start helping you!

A Life Coach is like having a Personal Trainer for your Soul.

  • Are you ready and willing to change your life for the better?
  • Do you have goals but need help clarifying them?
  • Do you feel “stuck” and don’t know what to do about it?
  • Are you facing a major transition and want someone to listen without bias or judgement?

I can help you move forward, get clarity, have a more fulfilling life, and realize your full potential!

About Me:

✓ Certified Life Coach with clients across Canada
✓ Reiki Master
✓ Energy Healer (Pranic and EFT – Tapping)
✓ Soul Realignment Practitioner (specializing in the Akashic Records)
✓ Unity Bubble Facilitator
✓ Small Business owner for 17 years
✓ Sales and Marketing for 20 years

Working together, we will completely focus on YOU, what YOU want in your life and develop a plan to help YOU get it. Get the push you need to achieve your goals and realize your full potential!



Certified Life Coach

“Recognizing you are not where you want to be, is the first step.”

Allow me to accompany you on an inner journey of yourself and discover what motivates and inspires you to live your best life.   As your coach, I will provide a compassionate and supportive coaching relationship to assist you in gaining clarity, spark your inner spirit and define your personal vision of success.

I have completed my Life Coach Certification here at BlissOm having trained under Lora Lisi, Life Coach and Founder of BlissOm and Lisa Garber, M.Ed. Psychology, CPCC, Life Coach. My previous education includes studies at both York University and Western Ontario.

I am an inspired student of spirituality and my many life experiences have fostered my innate desire to assist others in creating a life worth remembering.



Certified Life Coach

Lisa GarberIn 1996, a therapy client of Lisa’s brought her a copy of East West Journal (now Yoga Journal) featuring a Life Coach on the cover.

“This is what you do,” her client said.

And in her heart, Lisa knew her client was right. She immediately started her Certification training with The Coaches Institute and she’s been coaching ever since.

As one of Canada’s premier coaches, Lisa has coached individuals and groups throughout North America. After many years of leading women’s groups, Lisa synthesized what she was learning from her clients and wrote a self-help book called Mothers on Fire: How to be a mom without losing yourself.

More recently, Lisa has been focused on bringing her many years of experience to BlissOm and partnering with founder Lora Lisi to offer a rigorous and soulful Life Coach Certification Program. She is in her element mentoring and training others who want to change their own lives and spread their beautiful light into the world.

It is Lisa’s intention to help alleviate suffering in the world by uplifting her clients enough so that they connect with who they really are: the light of Spirit within.



Certified Life Coach

I envision the world to be a place where every woman has the confidence and belief to be everything, they have always desired.

I value inner peace, self-giving, discovery, transformation and accomplishments.

My mission is to empower women by helping them find their purpose and true passions through all of their struggles and obstacles.

I will help you re-discover your authentic self, how you can improve your life, and envision new possibilities.

I also provide coaching and offer support to ‘Motherless Daughters’ who are grieving and searching for purpose after the loss of their mother or mother figure. I support the process of healing and growth as I have endured my own personal loss of my mother.

A little progress each day adds up to big results. Your next chapter is going to be amazing.



Certified Life Coach

Taylor FerriLife coaching is a powerful way to own your life, gain clarity, create balance, find purpose, attract abundance, grow spiritually, and feel connected; I’m here to help you do just that.

I have completed my Life Coach Certification here at BlissOm having trained under Lora Lisi, Life Coach and Founder of BlissOm and Lisa Garber, M.Ed. Psychology, CPCC, Life Coach.

With a traditional background in public relations and digital marketing, my areas of passion and expertise include strategy and planning, social and digital marketing, public speaking, and coaching.

An entrepreneur at heart, I have collaborated to create and launch, separately, NAKD Laser, a beauty bar, and Ready Set Go Co., a personal growth and entrepreneur platform, and have worked with many more solopreneurs to help them do the same. My work aims to complement my personal purpose which is to build inspiring spaces, programs, and communities that help people find direction, gain confidence and feel beautiful from the inside out all with the skills to do it for themselves.

I have a particularly keen interest in working with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and side-hustlers who need support, motivation, or direction to get started or keep going. Together, we can conquer your goals and the world!

“Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are.” -Brené Brown



Certified Life Coach

Fueled by a passion for life, discovery, animals, and health and wellness,

Anita truly is a lifelong learner with a vision to keep on growing.

Anita KalmanchelyiFrom becoming a mom to skydiving (which she didn’t finish, not because she was scared, but because she broke her toe) and skiing her adventurous nature and appetite for life extends far beyond what the eye can see. 

With more than 20-years of experience under her belt, Anita is the founder of Crystal Stone Lifestyle, a registered holistic nutritionist, a life wellness coach, a pilates STOTT certified instructor, and a yoga teacher. Not to mention, Anita is a professional network marketer that contributes and provides depth to her growing expertise and services.

Combined with her previous experience analyzing blood for nearly 10-years plus sales leadership selling natural health products; Anita holds a fountain of knowledge that can aid in your personal wellness journey.

Through her love of listening and guiding others, Anita finds true purpose through her life coaching work; she is always amazed at how her clients know exactly what is best for them when they feel heard.

A strong, passionate character with a desire to follow her heart and commitment to well-being, Anita holds herself and clients accountable to their goals and outcomes. If you’re looking for a driving force in health, wellness, movement, and life, you’ll enjoy your work with Anita.

And, with no surprise, Anita is currently studying reiki energy healing and integrated energy therapies.


ELENA PALUMBOElena Palumbo Life Coach

Certified Life Coach

Through my own personal life coaching sessions, I received the support and guidance needed to help me discover my true passion and life’s calling. I envision a world full of light and love where youth are free to be their true authentic, unique selves free of judgment.

My focus is on guiding and supporting youth in discovering their truest potential, purpose and personal empowerment, in order to live and lead a life of authenticity, full of bliss and serenity.

It would be an honour if you allowed me to be a part of your journey in claiming your light, voice, power, passion & purpose in the world.

Coaching Focus:

  • Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Self-Worth
  • Core Values
  • Positive Mindset
  • Self-Awareness, Reflection, and Mindfulness
  • Time Management
  • Leadership
  • Shifting Perspectives and Forward Thinking
  • Goal Setting and Motivation
  • Empowerment
  • Discovering & Embracing Your Potential and Life Purpose

Your true nature is luminous.
Shine your light and let the world see.



Certified Life Coach

Argie AldapeAs a yoga Instructor and a Life Coach, I would love to work with you and discover what your passion in life is, create a vision and start a plan to fulfill this beautiful dream.

If a situation is holding you back, we can work on finding the best solution according to your values and create the best actions that will help you thrive and master this situation in life.

I would love to help you succeed in what you are ready to start!

A little bit more about my self: I am a certified Life Coach by BlissOM with 100 hours. I am also a Registered Yoga Teacher with 200hrs and I have been teaching yoga and meditation at this studio for almost two years.  I have a degree in Chemical Engineering with experience on the field, that lead me to teach science, math, and Spanish for 7 years in the States. I always felt that calling to help people achieve their fullest potential whether it was a student from school, tutoring, or yoga and now life coaching clients.

I cannot wait to start working with you!



Certified Life Coach

Life is full of twists and turns; after one twist too many, I decided to focus on my own growth as a way to navigate the inevitable challenges that lay ahead.

Along the path, I discovered that by clearing their energy, I can help show others how to create balance, and facilitate their own healing. I discovered that I want to help others open the door to transformation and start a journey of self-discovery.

I promised myself that I was going to be open to anything that would help me learn, grow and heal. I also made a vow to share all that I have learned with whoever is called to take a step out of where they are and into a new space. This space is one of hope, faith, growth, without judgment or pretense.

My focus is to be there for YOU!  I am here to HEAR you.  Let’s really talk about being a parent, a spouse, a child, a sibling, a friend.  Let’s unpack the baggage and uncover your best self.  We can do this together.

  • Certified Life Coach – under the guidance and direction of Lora Lisi, Life Coach and founder of Bliss Om and Lisa Garber, M.Ed. Psychology, CPCC, Life Coach
  • Certified Reiki Master



Certified Life Coach

Hi… My name is Tammy Resko and I am excited to announce that I am a Certified Life Coach. I am excited to work and help you FIND YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF.

I believe that we all need to help each other to shape and shine a light on the confidence, beauty, strength, and love that we all hold within us. I believe in trusting and keeping faith in God that He will lead, guide, and direct our path where He sees fit. It is written “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you or forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6).

My mission is to help you!!! Help you find the power you hold within while reminding you that YOU MATTER, YOU ARE ENOUGH, YOU ARE LOVED, and that you can do anything if you put your mind, heart, and soul into you.

I will support you through your journey and provide guidance when you see fit. I will give you clarity on your choices, problems, goals, values, and help you be centered with your authentic self. I will ask questions and incorporate exercises and techniques to help you go deep to find the answers that you hold within.

I also provide support to women going through infertility, as I myself have experienced infertility for 9 years.  I will provide guidance through prayer and ways to heal that resonates with you. Remember “if you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer” (Matthew 21:22).

“I will always believe in myself and my ability to succeed”.




Certified Life Coach

Christina Perrotto

Empowering others to become the best version of themselves

Christina is passionate about inspiring and empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Since 2009 as a Secondary Teacher, she has always loved teaching but felt she still had more to offer the world. She wanted to share her journey in hopes of inspiring others. Over the last two years, Christina has been mentoring women from all walks of life who are on a mission to feel fulfilled. This led her to dig deeper on her growth journey, and in 2021 she received her Life Coaching Certificate through BlissOm.

“I have always loved helping others. It’s ingrained in me to do so. Becoming a Certified Life Coach was the last piece of the puzzle. I tell all my clients to dig deeper, and that’s exactly what I did and wanted to lead by example.”

In 2019, Christina created SHE, a lifestyle and wellness brand that focuses on empowerment through events, workshops, and motivational speaking. Christina has hosted three in-person Women’s Empowerment events, which give women the opportunity to build community and build themselves.

“It has been a vision of mine to create a space for women to grow and flourish. I love the in-person events but also wanted to be able to work with women on a more personal one-on-one level, which is why I became a Life Coach.”

Christina believes in pushing her clients to dig deeper, helping them regain their identity and ignite their souls.

“Through my journey, I have learned how important it is to love yourself truly; there is so much power in that. I am a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, but firstly I am me. I cannot wait to work with you, and together we will set goals and get you on the path to living a fulfilled and abundant life.”



Certified Life Coach

“Coaching is all about having someone believe in you and encourage you.  About getting valuable feedback, about seeing things from new perspectives, and setting your sights on new horizons.”  (Author Unknown)

Are you thinking about a career change? Perhaps you are thinking about retiring, but wonder now what?  Or are you just looking to bring change into your life, finding a path to a more fulfilled & energized life?

I work with clients who are open and ready to bring change into their life.  Let me help you re-discover yourself. Nudge your comfort zone, pursue your passion.

This new chapter gets to be about you.  You can reinvent yourself at any age.

I would like to introduce myself to you;

My name is Karen, and I am a Certified Life Coach

I believe love, kindness & compassion are necessities, not luxuries. And that we all need to share and connect with one another.

My vision is a world where everyone has the confidence to embrace who they are, to believe in themselves and to feel supported.

I would like to help inspire you and to ignite the light in you.   I don’t have all the answers but together we can figure it out…


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