3 Tips For Making The Most of Transformational Wisdom

If you are like most of us in the wellness world, you’ve likely read a lot of books, taken a lot of courses, and listened to a lot of podcasts. Do you ever feel like you have spiritual indigestion? There is so much amazing transformational wisdom out there, we teeter on the edge of a kind of addiction.

Here are three tips to bring you back from the edge of overload, and to a place of real growth and learning.

  1. Pick One: I know. How hard is that! Maybe I should say, pick one at a time! Look around your home to see how many books you are currently reading. Transformational wisdom is deep. It’s better to take longer with one great teacher so you can dive deeply into the teaching than to swim around the top of a lot of different ideas.
  2. Slow Down: Transformational wisdom is like a gourmet meal at a five-star restaurant. You want to savor every little bit.
  3. Let The Teaching Pick You: I remember one day many years ago, going into a bookstore completely open to finding something to read. I was led to the very back of the store, actually in the children’s section where I saw this remarkable face staring at me from a book cover. The book was Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. I picked it up and it changed the course of my life. Open yourself to allowing your next teaching to come to you. It’s always wonderful to see how magical it can be.

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Sending you much love,
Lisa Garber, Life Coach



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