How to Banish Self-Doubt in Two Minutes

Who among us has not had moments of doubt? I certainly have, more than I wish. I have tried many clever techniques over the years to change my beliefs. And still, doubt remains.

In coaching, we learn a powerful skill called Reframing. And the other day, I heard the most amazing reframe for self-doubt.

The speaker, a spiritual teacher said that those moments when you think maybe the day is too much for you, or you think you can’t handle something or do something, stop and realize what a good thing that really is. He said that self-doubt is really humility. It points us within to remember: “I of my own self can do nothing. It is the Father within who does the work.”

Self-doubt as humility. That is one powerful reframe.

Those on a spiritual journey can take so much comfort in remembering to surrender the battles and allow that something greater than ourselves to guide, inform, and help us.

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Sending you much love,
Lisa Garber, Life Coach




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