How We Will Be Moving Forward

As you know, our BlissOm family of talented instructors and practitioners have been hard at work to support your at-home practice with free online content across our many channels.

We have received an abundance of positive feedback as a result of the heart and soul that our teachers bring to each and every class. We are equally as thankful for YOU! Thank you for continuing to show up with gratitude, intention, and support for our community. Every view, like, share and comment keep us energized, inspired and feeling connected. #BlissOm

Moving forward, we will continue to offer some FREE content via Facebook and Instagram. 
You will still be able to move, breathe and find inner peace each and every day.

As we adjust to this new normal, we look toward the future with mindfulness and positive manifestation. To that end, we must consider how we keep our life-breath flowing, and our heart beating. We must continue to live our purpose and passion so that we can join you back in the studio.

Starting April 14, 2020, we will be offering our refreshed class passes.
These classes will continue to take place in our virtual classroom via Zoom.
Each class practice will be LIVE – hosted by one of our talented teachers. You will join a 60 to 90-minute practice (depending on the session you select) and have access to the full recording post-class.

Class Pass Options:

1. Monthly Unlimited Class Pass $45.00
2. Weekly Unlimited Class Pass $20.00

3. Drop-in Class Pass $10.00

For Existing Members:

If you wish to reactivate your membership, please email us directly. You will be compensated for the time that we are closed + access to exclusive bonus offers (including 1x 60-minute life coaching session).

For anyone experiencing financial difficulty through this pandemic, please email us for information on the option to “pay what you can” or  “no charge” donation for the class.

Remember that nourishing your Mind, Body, and Spirit is one of the most important things you can do to build a strong inner foundation.

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