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Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

Alison CurI am a big believer in the power of yoga on and off the mat. My intention is to bring harmony to each class I teach and leave you feeling supported and nurtured. Guiding you through a practice that grows a strong personal relationship with your mind & body.  My personal passion for design lends itself wonderfully for creating beautiful asana (posture) flows to keep each class fresh and allow for maximum synchronicity between breath and movement.  At the cornerstone of every day is gratitude. Our time on the mat is an opportunity to express that, reconnect with ourselves, release and manifest!  I welcome you to join me and discover the pure joy that yoga will bring to your life and the physical and mental benefits that a consistent practice provide. Whether it’s your first time, or you are a seasoned yogi, I promise to guide you through a safe, invigorating class that will end in a state of complete relaxation and bliss! Certified YTT 200 hours at BlissOm (Yoga Alliance Certified) under the guidance of Lora Lisi and Ram Vakkalanka and continuing education workshops in Chakra Meditation, Thai Massage and Inversions. I believe a good teacher is a life-long student and I promise to keep sharing my education with you!



Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

My yoga journey started in February 2015 when I first joined BlissOm and fell in love with this place. I felt completely embraced and accepted.

I practiced yoga continuously until 2017, and at that time I decided to start my YTT journey in this beautiful place. I became passionate about this new lifestyle that I had embraced and merged myself into the beauty of yoga.

I graduated as a yoga instructor in June 2018 and started as a substitute teacher in BlissOm.  In November 2018 I finished my Reiki level 1 and started doing Full Moon meditations combined with Reiki and teaching semi-private Restorative yoga once a week.

I am excited to have found this passion in my life, it is something that moves me and gets the best out of me, and I am beyond blessed being able to share this passion with my yoga peeps, BlissOm and its community

P.S. I’m a forever student.



Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

ClaudiaI began to practice yoga after enduring a serious concussion from a skiing accident, and was unable to exercise my body or mind for several months. On my path to recovery, I began to heal through gentle meditation sessions, and eventually found the practice of yoga at BlissOm to be essential to my health and well-being. Discovering the many benefits yoga provides body, mind, and soul, I felt compelled to register for BlissOm’s inaugural Yoga Teacher Training program, and am now a proud graduate of the 2015-2016, 200 hour YTT course of study. I’ve come to appreciate and be grateful for the restorative powers of yoga, and am excited to be able to share this wonderful practice with others in such a beautiful space, on our journey to health and self-discovery.



Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

Being an avid soccer player and strength training , Clemente has made physical fitness an important part of his life for the past 30 years.  Finding Yoga as a way to allow him to connect to his mind and body on a deeper level.

Yoga has offered him understanding the importance of reconnecting to life’s true values.  Accepting what is happening in your life is both a challenge and a gift. Turning his practice of Yoga training into teaching others.  Being more inward by nature, the challenge of leading classes has brought new found passion and consistency in his life.

Being certified through YogaFit, Clemente has begun to help others to understand that unlike other physical activities we were taught as young children, Yoga is not based on competition. The reward is connecting to ourselves on a deeper level.  Based on the ancient style of Hatha Yoga, blending balance, strength, flexibility and power. Clemente’s classes allow his students to be challenged and also accept if poses are not available to them at the time. The yogic path, for Clemente, is an ongoing learning experience and feels it should be for all his students as well.



Pilates Instructor

Hello, my name is Debbie, I am a Yoga and Pilates instructor at BlissOm. I completed my Mat and Reformer Certification by Stott Pilates in Toronto, 15+ years ago.
In June of 2018 I received my 200h Yoga Teacher Training Certification by BlissOm.
I am passionate about bringing physical fitness into my life and into the lives of my students to achieve Balance and Well Being both on and off the mat. Yoga and Pilates will bring an awareness of mind and body connection, as well as improve core and overall strength for balance, better posture and less risk of injury.

It brings me joy to help people achieve a connection with their physical bodies. It is essential that we give our bodies movement and challenge. Through controlled movements and proper function and form, along with strength and flexibility work is how one achieves Balance and Wellbeing!



Yin Yoga Instructor

I was welcomed into the BlissOm community with open arms and am proud to be a graduate of the 200YTT program. I am passionate about Yin Yoga and supplemented my 200 hour training with two Yin Yoga certifications to enable me to professionally and safely share the benefits of Yin Yoga with my fellow Yinsters. I’m excited to announce that I’m currently pursuing a third Yin Yoga certification, at the end of which I will have a combined total of 75+ hours of Yin Yoga training.

Five Facts About Me:

1. I’m more JOMO than FOMO on a Friday night.
2. When I’m hungry…I sneeze.
3. I lived in Paris, France for 15 years, 2 months and 22 glorious days.
4. I could eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an entire week and not be bored.
5. Yoga completes me.



Yoga Fit Instructor

FullSizeRender 6Janine’ s teaching style of yoga will bring a sense of serenity and peace, while your body is stretching and strengthening.

Totally optimizing the integrity of your breath and longevity of your body from within, reaping the benefits as a whole (MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT)



Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

_staff_jessicaI fell in love with yoga the first day I stepped onto my mat. Yoga has been a very important part of my life. It is where you can find your inner peace and be in a state of complete happiness, where you leave all negativity aside. I have been practicing for over 8 years and have fallen in love with this practice. I have  had the fortune of training with some outstanding teachers. I have completed 250 hours with downward dog under the guidance of renowned teachers Ron Marla Diane and David. I believe in this practice you never stop learning that is why I continue to take workshops and further my knowledge of yoga. I try to share my love for yoga with all of my students. I feel that  when you really love what you do your students will feed off of that positive energy and at the same time a teacher learns so much from every student. I try to live my life the same way I spend it on the mat, with love, patience and acceptance.



Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Karen Carrigan

Hi, I’m Karen.

Yoga & Meditation have changed my life and the amazing benefits of both have led me to receive certifications and deepen my knowledge & understanding in both areas.

It brings great joy to me to share the benefits that both yoga & meditation provide for the mind, body & soul.  As a forever student, I will continue to grow and share with you.

I will do my best to offer a safe place for you to relax, rejuvenate & reconnect.    This can be a time to let your mind slow down & your body to rest, to re-focus & let go.

I believe love, kindness & compassion are necessities, not luxuries. We all need to share and connect with one another. I would love to share time with you.



Hatha Yoga Instructor

_staff_kasiaI have been devoted to the practice of hatha yoga since 2002 and I graduated from Blue Door Yoga teacher training program in 2009, seeing yoga as a powerful opportunity to harmonize the mind, body and spirit.

I love sharing my passion for Yoga with each individual I work with and hope to inspire beginner and advanced students alike to step out of their comfort zones and discover the profound physical and mental benefits of these practices.



Ashtanga Yoga and Pilates Instructor

MaryI have been practicing yoga for over 11 years and have been dedicated to my practice ever since.  I decided to become a yoga teacher so I could share my love and passion for yoga with others.  I have been teaching yoga and pilates for over 7 years and graduated from a 1-year intensive program from Blue Door Yoga Room.  I studied anatomy, psychology, and philosophy of yoga to deepen and understand the meaning of yoga.  I am currently teaching many levels of yoga as well as meditation and pilates.  I am also counseling children and adults of all ages as well as integrating yoga.

Yoga has transformed my life and I know the amazing benefits of yoga and how important it is to implant this message to children and adults.



Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

Yoga has changed my life.  It has given me a way to keep healthy and strengthen the relationship I have with myself and the world around me. Through this beautiful practice, our bodies become stronger and our minds and hearts follow along with it. I have found a special connection with the asanas and pranayama, and I am on a continual journey to further explore and understand the other limbs of Yoga

As a former competitive dancer, I am passionate about creating a holistic meditative flow that is safe, inspiring and supportive. I invite yogis of all levels to practice with me, as they are encouraged to be the observer of where they have been, where they currently are and where they would like to go. Our breath-synchronized poses are precious as we move from stillness to dynamic flow and back to stillness. As it should be because the word vinyasa means “to place in a special way”.

Certified 200 YTT at BlissOm with Lori Lisi and Ram Vakkalanka, a student of Travis Elliot, Seane Corne and Bryan Kest, and have taken Chakra and Thai massage workshops. The forever student, I am excited to be on my way to completing the 500 YTT.



Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

Nadia began her yoga practice over 20 years ago after an injury she got while working in the beautiful Bahamas. She now knows that this injury led her on this amazing journey of self-love and care. Also for the past 19 years, Nadia worked as a social worker for seniors with Alzheimer’s. Working with these seniors really affected her health emotionally and physically and her yoga practice really helped her cope with taking care of these seniors. In 2003 Nadia decided to take a course called Thai yoga massage and in 2006 went for her YTT certification to better understand her practice as she became obsessed with adjustments and alignment. In 2018 Nadia after many years, decided to gift her York region job with seniors to someone else, and is continuing her journey in yoga and Thai massage full time. Working with these beautiful seniors was the best and most rewarding job, however, it also made her realize that life is too short and you only have one life to make yourself happy.



Yoga Instructor

Oriana LoducaI’m all about spaces. I’m a designer & I create spaces that evoke emotions by engaging all the 5 senses.  The spaces are sacred spaces the one where you can retreat too anytime & feel a sense of joy, fulfillment, peace & ultimately true bliss. I continuously reflected on the idea that space was not only the one that surrounded you but more importantly the one within.  The space I was yearning for was on and off the mat, in every part of me, my mind, body & spirit.

So, I began to deepen my yoga practice.

While in asanas I begin to affirm each pose with an emotion which allowed me to truly connect deeper with what it meant to be in that pose.

Yoga is a way of life; this life has allowed me to connect to the deepest part of me. I am conscious, I am connected to the world around me, thru self-awareness, self-realization & oneness.

Whether it’s on the yoga mat, thru meditation, affirmations, life coaching, ecstatic dance or sacred circles I trust that the universe has led me to you to be of service & help you on your journey one breath at a time.

I am grateful.
I am peace.
I am love.
I am shinning my light.


Restorative Yoga Instructor and Meditation

IMG_5109Hi, I’m Patti. Yoga has been a part of my life for the last 20 years or so.  I would find myself always coming back to my mat at the most challenging times in my life. It has helped ground me, and to give me the peace that I seek. Through the years, I have been active with various types of physicality including crossfit, as well being in the military. About 12 years ago, I was diagnosed with lupus. As my physical abilities have changed, I found myself reuniting with my mat. Yoga allows me the freedom to explore my physical abilities at my own pace and free of judgment.

I am so excited to embark on this new journey. I welcome all to attend my classes as my space is open and free of judgment. My goal is to create a class where one finds the solace that he or she desires and is able to make the connection with their body, mind and soul.



Yoga and Fitness Enthusiast

_staff_rebeccaI have been a Yoga and fitness enthusiast since the days of leg warmers. If you were not around then, that would be around the mid-1970s. The concept of a Holistic lifestyle became a strong motivating force and guided my journey towards the awareness of the benefits of achieving a healthy, balanced physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of well-being. In the late nineties, I decided to get the necessary education to become a fitness leader and completed a 2-year Fitness Leadership Program at Humber College. That only fueled my confidence and desire to explore the world of fitness and its’ many facets. I went on to receive my 1st and 2nd Degree Black Belts in Shotokan Karate and taught a Women’s Kickboxing program for approx 15 years. I introduced a Pilates and Yoga practice to balance the program and have been teaching these forms of discipline ever since. My passion and overall experience, allow me to offer a unique and effective practice that I love to share with others. The benefits of a consistent practice soon reflect on the many aspects of our lives. Allowing each and every one of us the opportunity to contribute towards a happier and healthier world, one posture at a time.



Vinyasa Yoga and Fitness Enthusiast

Stefania TersigniHello fellow yogis! A little about me – I discovered yoga over 20 years ago and have been on my yoga journey ever since. As a fitness lover- yoga initially was another way to sweat out toxins and burn calories. It wasn’t until reaching my 40’s – reflecting on my life as a wife, mother of two and an educator for 15 years, that yoga started to take on a new meaning for me. When I stepped into BlissOm my whole world shifted. As a BlissOm 200 hour YTT graduate and forever student of learning, my yoga journey is always continuing to blossom!

I knew I not only wanted yoga in my life- I needed it in my life. I truly awakened to my authentic self and what yoga meant for me- acceptance, presence and love. And I’d love for you to feel that way too! To me, Vinyasa is ‘meditation in motion’, with the flow and union of breath and posture. I love sequencing flows with intention and intelligence that open and strengthen the body while channeling the power of the breath.

There is so much we can’t control in this world, but with yoga, you have the power to guide your thoughts, body and life in the direction you choose – the direction of love, light and peace. Do what makes you happy, the universe has your back!

Namaste loves, see you on the mat.



Meditation and Restorative Yoga Instructor

I started my yoga journey with BlissOm, where I completed my 200hr yoga teacher training. This journey has brought so much healing and love into my life. As an intuitive healer and yoga instructor, yoga had helped me journey within. Throughout my life, I have struggled, with anxiety as well as cancer. Yoga is a practice that consistently provides healing for me.

I’m certified in restorative yoga which will bring grounding into your practice. Restorative is a gentle way to release tension, improve circulation, calm the nervous system and help you through your healing journey. Combining movement, restorative yoga and reiki can lead you to a place of full mind, body and soul release.

Join me on the mat in a group call or private healing yoga session.



Vinyasa, Hatha and Restorative Yoga Instructor

VictoriaYoga is one of the greatest loves in my life. It helps me ground myself and better deal with my anxiety, stress and lack of self love. When I graduated from BlissOm’s YTT Program, my journey gifted me growth, confidence and appreciation of what my body can do. I want to share the love, patience, strength and non-judgement that yoga teaches and keeps teaching me with others.

My classes are open to all levels and consist of a balanced flow allowing you to both challenge yourself and leaving feeling relaxed, stronger, re-energized, healthier and clear-minded. As you continue to practice you will noticing all the positive effects yoga will provide, not only in your practice but your everyday life.

Keep in mind that happiness is not a destination it’s a way of life.




Yoga Sculpt Instructor

image1On her path to self-love and discovery, Viktoria attained liberation through yoga and meditation, as well as energy work. Having graduated from BlissOm’s YTT program, Viktoria is now ready to share her light with others and encourage spiritual, mental and physical growth to all her students.



Founder of BlissOM Registered Yoga Teacher (200HR)

Lora has been practicing yoga for over 18 years. In order to expand her knowledge and grow her practice,she completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program and continues to study and enhance her skills through a number of specialized workshops and trainings.

Lora is the founder of BlissOm Wellness Studio, as well as the Studio Director, and Director of its Teacher Training Programs. She is continuously creating programs to enhance the studio and community of followers.

Lora loves to share her passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm for deep inner peace through different holistic modalities.

If she’s not at the desk managing the studio teaching or coaching, you’ll likely find her taking a class or workshop with one of our amazing teachers!

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