10 Great Reasons to Become a Yoga Teacher

1. Deepen your practice – enhance your understanding of poses from the inside out.

2. Focus on you – teacher training is an investment in you; your health, and your growth.

3. Get in shape, feel great – nothing like practicing asana every day to give a boost to your health and wellness.

4. Broaden your understanding of yoga  practices beyond physical poses.

5. Explore yoga philosophy – what is the history of yoga? where does it come from? Learn the vibrational language of Sanskrit, the science at the heart of these powerful practices, and more.

6. Cultivate lasting and meaningful relationships – walking the path of yoga is more meaningful when others walk the path with us.

7. Accelerate transformation in your life – have you ever left a yoga class feeling like the best you? setting down old ways of being and living in alignment with our most centered, conscious self is what transformation is all about, and it is at the core of yoga.

8. Learn to teach – whether you ever teach a yoga class post-training or not there is value in practice teaching. What you gain from the opportunity to teach others ripples out into all areas of your life.

9. Receive personal attention – something specific you want to understand? is there a pose or yoga concept you want to look at in more detail? this is the place to ask questions.

10. You love yoga! Why not dive deeper into something that brings you peace and happiness.

Words simply cannot express the magnitude of the experience and its power to change your life. Often, upon completion of a teacher training, students reflect on their experience and realize that they would like to share the beauty of this practice to others. Even if you choose not to teach the outcome is extremely positive; your confidence will soar, the practice will take root, and the inspiration from training will fuel any number of transformations in your life – all good returns on your investment.


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